• Rugby World Cup 2015 By The Numbers

    As the countdown continues to the Rugby World Cup, the nation and its denizens are gearing up for what promises to be an exhilarating six weeks of joy, heartache, record-breaking and giant-felling. It may only be the 8th Rugby World Cup, but the tournament is steeped in the grand tradition and heritage of mankind’s most […]

  • Choosing the perfect wedding photographer

    Choosing a Wedding Photographer Here at Mercedes Chauffeur Hire we’ve been providing chauffeur driven wedding car hire for over 21 years and during this time we’ve been privileged to supply wedding cars for some truly majestic wedding ceremonies. One thing which never fails to amaze us is how some couples plan everything down to the […]

  • London Olympic Games 2012

    The Olympic Games in London, 2012 As I’m a London chauffeur you probably expect me to complain about traffic issues during the London 2012 Olympics. Well I hate to disappoint you but after all, it’s the London Olympic Games, and we won the bid!  However many medals we may or may not get during the […]

  • Wimbledon Strawberries and Pimms

    Wimbledon Tennis Championships

      Wimbledon Tennis Championships   Well it’s an English summer, and if (as usual) it’s a wet English summer in June, then the glory of Wimbledon Tennis Championships is almost upon us.  Each year, from the end of June to the beginning of July, the Wimbledon tennis tournament takes place in this historic arena, backdrop […]

  • Royal Ascot - The Queen's arrival

    Royal Ascot Horse Racing

    Royal Ascot Horse Racing Royal Ascot is one of the tickety boo, must go social events of the English calendar.  From fine dining, to strict dress codes, this is as far away from common or garden horse races, or having a weekly flutter at your high street bookies as you can get.  Royal Ascot has […]

  • Glyndebourne 2012 Chauffeur Service London

    Glyndebourne Opera Festival 2012

      Glyndebourne Opera Festival 2012   I don’t know if there are any wild horses on the stage during the Glyndebourne Opera Festival, which takes place from May 20th to August 26th, but if there are they couldn’t drag me along there with them, not even kicking and screaming.  The closest I’ve been to appreciating […]

  • Winter Driving

    Safe Winter Driving

    Winter Wears On It’s winter.  Outside, it’s cold.  I’m off the ‘winter tyre’ soap box from my last news piece – well it’s back in the cellar – and now I think I’m about to get stuck on my ‘how to drive in wintry weather’  high horse. Let’s face it, sometimes the old fashioned methods […]

  • Winter Tyres Blues

    Driving with Winter Tyres Maybe you know very little and care even less about winter tyres. Not everybody we drive around is a driver, and particularly in this fair city, even if you are, you may choose to hire a cool London chauffeur driven car rather than negotiate the motorized maze that is London traffic. […]

  • Valentine's Day London Chauffeurs

    Valentine’s Day Chauffeurs

    Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Style! Now I love to look at a glamorous woman as much as the next man, but I don’t know if they feel the same way when they look at me.  Frankly, and without wanting to seem immodest, I’ve never been short of attention in the love stakes, though even my […]

  • London Fashion Week 2012

    London Fashion Week London Fashion Week, showing the Autumn/Winter designer collections for 2012/13, takes place from 17th to 21st February.  Of course, London is noted for the creative, innovative and edgy style of its fashionistas.  Well, I hold my hands up – my appreciation of London street cred probably extends as far as checking out […]

  • Chinese Year of the Dragon London 2012

    Year of the Dragon in London

    Chinese Year of the Dragon Monday 23rd January 2012 kicks off the Chinese Year of the Dragon, so I checked this out with old Mr Chan from my excellent local Chinese takeaway, and according to ancient Eastern wisdom, this year the capital will be all aflame with passion and abundant energy.  As I’d just ordered […]

  • Cirque du Soleil Totem

    Cirque du Soleil Totem I once queued up in a wet field with hundreds of people, all eager to enter a circus tent – and who can resist the magnificent pull of a circus tent?  The extravaganza we were eager to see was staged by Cirque du Soleil – or Circus of the Sun.  So […]