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Financial Roadshow in London calls for a highly experienced  corporate  chauffeur driven car hire. Getting from point A to point B in a city as large, fragmented and busy as London can be a challenge at the best of times. When you have important meetings scheduled throughout the day and a network of journeys across the capital to make, a professional, experienced London chauffeur service specializing in corporate roadshows is the only way to ensure you arrive on time and in style.

Our expertise in planning and carrying out roadshows in London is second to none. With a quick and easy booking system, freedom to specify your preferred vehicle and chauffeur and an informed team at your disposal, you can rest easy in the knowledge that your day will go according to your exacting specifications.

financial graphWhether your timetable involves meetings with investors, existing or potential clients, we know that accurate timing is essential. Especially when meetings overrun or times are changed, there is no room for error. We pledge to treat your business and appointment timetables as if they were our own. This leaves you free to focus on the day ahead, safe in the knowledge that your highly experienced chauffeur will have a plan B and plan C ready at all times to ensure a prompt arrival.

We do not use satellite navigation. Not all London addresses can be found via sat nav and there are often discrepancies between the given address and the actual address. Our highly proficient chauffeurs rely on their own in-built satellite navigation, gleaned through years of driving through London and thousands of roadshow journeys from Canary Wharf to the Knightsbridge and every point in between. With this inherent knowledge comes your peace of mind that you’ll arrive not only on time but also in a professional manner as befits your company and the company of your partners or investors.

Impeccable timing is the hallmark of our service

Time is money

When you have a day full of important tasks, an experienced London chauffeur who knows which route to take at any time of day, familiarity with difficult to find addresses, up to date knowledge of the latest road works and road closures can make the difference between success and failure. We believe there is no substitute for experience and will only assign chauffeurs who meet our stringent roadshow criteria to transport you around the capital. This extends to an intimate familiarity with details such as which entrances to use for client drop off and collection since even a slight delay caused by an inexperienced driver arriving at the wrong entrance can give the wrong impression and disrupt the rest of the day.

All of our executive roadshow chauffeurs are veterans with a minimum of 10 years hands on experience to their credit. Confidence in their ability allows you the luxury of preparing for your next meeting while en-route or the freedom to enjoy some down time between appointments in your luxurious Mercedes S Class executive car.


Chauffeur Driven Businessman

All of our roadshow chauffeurs are handpicked for their absolute professionalism, courteous manner and dedication to customer service. It goes without saying that what is said in the vehicle is treated with the utmost confidence. Confidentiality agreements form part of our contract of employment with all of our executive chauffeurs. They are guaranteed to keep strict rules of discretion ensuring that what is said in the car, stays in the car.




Prestigious Chauffeur Driven Vehicles

Corporate chauffeur

Ourfleet of latest model, Mercedes Benz S class chauffeured cars is second to none. A limousine which needs no introduction, it is not only the personification of class and prestige, but it can also double as your very own mobile office between meetings. Seating up to 4 people this elite chauffeur driven vehicle boasts a climate controlled interior, plush leather trim, multi-point adjustable heated and ventilated seats and much more.
For parties of more than four persons attending a London financial roadshow you will find our Mercedes Viano  luxury people carrier an absolute dream. Seating up to 7 people it again can be used for mobile conferencing, or working between appointments. Spacious and comfortable, it also affords your ample leg room to sit back and soak up the luxury of climate controlled interior, deluxe leather upholstery and complimentary drinks, newspapers and sweets.

 Free advice and  quote

If you’re considering us as your London chauffeur service for your next event, please feel free to forward your proposed itinerary to our control centre. We will advise on timings and offer ways we can improve on the route as well as cutting down the time needed to journey from one appointment to the next, making your corporate roadshow as seamless as possible.

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Even though we can’t take all the stress away from your London financial roadshow, our chauffeurs will get our hard working clients to and from their appointments in the most relaxed, timely and efficient manner!