London Fashion Week

London Fashion Week  2012

London Fashion Week, showing the Autumn/Winter designer collections for 2012/13, takes place from 17th to 21st February.  Of course, London is noted for the creative, innovative and edgy style of its fashionistas.  Well, I hold my hands up – my appreciation of London street cred probably extends as far as checking out the sleek and streamlined lines of beautiful high-end cars.  Let’s face it – you’d go a long way before you’d find finer vital statistics than those of an S Class Mercedes, in London or anywhere else.  But then I could be biased.

Alexander McQueen

It’s all just part of the day (and night) job for Mercedes Chauffeur Hire to deliver London’s bright young things to and from the finest, most fashionable hang outs in the capital.   So clearly, I always have my ear to the ground, and my trend antenna tuned in to the fashion zeitgeist.  This February, they tell me the place to be, the fashion show to see in London Fashion Week is McQ – from the house of Alexander McQueen.  It’s aimed at the young, the free and the fabulous so that rules me out, but Sarah Burton, the designer of that royal wedding dress for Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge is heading up the brand.  As the McQ store is also just about to open up in Mayfair, I’m told anyone who’s anyone in glitterati land will be queuing up to be there.  Or be square.  Or is that expression just not cool anymore?

Stella McCartney

Cool, square – allright, I put my hands up again.  What do I know?  I’ve also heard that Stella McCartney, Fab Macca’s designer daughter is showing at London Fashion Week, but really, I’m not an aficionado at the cutting edge of all things funky in London.  I’ll leave that to those who are stylish and elegant enough to choose to be driven about by a London chauffeur in our cool, classic Mercedes S Class cars.  If you want to strut your stuff with style on the cat walk of life, you just couldn’t look better, and be more comfortable, than to arrive at the venue of your choice in the expert hands of Mercedes Chauffeur Hire.  Some things I do know something about.  Savvy?