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Glyndebourne Opera Festival Chauffeur Service

A suitably chic way to arrive refreshed and relaxed, ready to give yourself fully to the strains of some of opera’s most notable voices, we have spent over two decades perfecting our Glyndebourne Opera chauffeur package.

Most commonly set over the whole expanse of British summertime from May to August, the Glyndebourne Opera Festival is a chance to see world class opera in a beautiful setting, backed by over 80 years of tradition. To best enjoy the hauntingly beautiful sounds of one of the oldest forms of entertainment, our bespoke Glyndebourne Opera Festival chauffeur service is the natural choice.

It is a Festival tradition to bring together renowned opera singers and breakthrough performers new to the UK stage. This eclectic mix of talent provides the perfect backdrop to a truly unique experience and is the perfect soundtrack to a discipline that is as much theatre, dance and entertainment spectacle as it is a cultural event in its own right. Whether you’re a seasoned opera lover or just discovering the art for the first time, a trip to the Festival is an excellent opportunity to enjoy great music in beautiful surroundings, perfumed by the delicate fragrances of the famed Glyndebourne gardens.

To make the experience complete, a series of pre-performance talks and study groups are also held. If you plan to attend any of the seminars, your Glyndebourne Opera Festival chauffeur will collect you in plenty of time to arrive at the venue to enjoy the lecturers prior to the main evening performances.

Picnic at Glyndebourne Opera Festival

 Why Book a Glyndebourne Opera Chauffeur Service? 

With such a rich melting pot of culture to enjoy and the gorgeous surroundings of the gardens and lakes to explore, a Glyndebourne Opera Festival chauffeur service guarantees to inject a further sense of luxury into your time at the event. Whether you’re attending with friends, family or colleagues, it is a truly stress free way to arrive to the East Sussex location.

Set just a few miles outside of the town of Lewes in rolling countryside, our professional chauffeur service guarantees to put an end to the frustration of navigating unfamiliar country lanes and the last minute pressures caused by hitting traffic en-route. As with all Mercedes Chauffeur Hire event packages, you’re guaranteed the utmost attention to detail, sublime levels of luxury, complete convenience and nothing less than your absolute satisfaction.

Opera House Glyndebourne With ticket holders for the summer festival traditionally required to wear formal evening dress such as black tie or long gown, our stately and state-of-the art Mercedes S Class limousine provides the perfect backdrop for your beautiful attire. With the sense of occasion matched by an immaculate interior and professional uniformed chauffer, all that is required of you on your journey from London is enjoy the surround sound music system, complimentary mineral water, newspaper selection, and spacious long wheel base interior.

When departing the Festival under the cover of darkness, the vehicle’s panoramic glass roof comes into its own – with a sense of bringing the outside in, you can continue to enjoy the canopy of stars overhead even as you leave Glyndebourne for the journey home.

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