Kim Kardashian Paris chauffeur released without charge

Kardashian story reminds us of why we need trustworthy chauffeurs

It has been called France’s highest profile jewellery heist of all time – and yet for months we’ve been waiting to find out who robbed £8.5 million’s worth of goods from celebrity superstar Kim Kardashian.

Ms Kardashian is still feeling the effects of anxiety and trauma caused by the event which saw her bound, gagged and threatened with her life at gunpoint.

Three months after the stunning armed robbery in Paris that stole October’s headlines, police made 17 arrests in connection with the theft.

The arrests did nothing to douse theories that it was an inside job – as amongst the 17 nabbed by the police was Ms Kardashian’s chauffeur.

It’s understandable why police would want to talk to people from Ms Kardashian’s personal staff – after all, chauffeurs serve a very personal role to so many celebrities and prominent people.

When robberies or crimes of this nature happen, it can be because criminals have secured access to information that only comes from those working close to the target.

In this case, thankfully, the chauffeur was found to be completely innocent of any wrongdoing and was said to be interviewed by police purely for testimonial reasons.

But the situation has been a stark reminder to the chauffeur industry as to why having the right drivers is so important to ensuring the safety and security of passengers.

As aforementioned, chauffeur companies obviously deal with a lot of clients who have some form of wealth or fame – making them a target.

For those in London and across the UK, we’re here to offer you some reassurance: there are chauffeur services out there that you can trust.

Putting client safety before profit

At Mercedes Chauffeur Hire, we cannot understate enough as to how important the safety and well-being of our passengers and clients is to us.

While all private hire businesses are required by law to complete criminal record checks on their drivers, this system still has huge holes and people of a criminal nature can slip through the net.

For example, criminal record checks only deal with information within the UK – if the driver has spent time outside of the UK, then any information on their criminal record from abroad will not show up.

But unlike many ‘fast food’ style chauffeur businesses that have popped up in recent years in a race to the bottom, here today – gone tomorrow, we’re happy to remain at the top of the industry.

Our team of London chauffeurs are long-established in our profession and all of them have been working with us for a very long time. In fact, they have become more than just our employees; they are also our trusted friends.

We’re not saying that just to earn your trust, but because it’s the truth. On top of our already stringent employment criteria, we also ensure that all of our chauffeurs have at least 10 years of top-end experience before we even consider hiring them.

This approach means that we are better able to judge the character and professional history of any potential employees.

Our chauffeurs have successfully completed thousands of jobs for us and, over the years, we have gained a reputation built on the unwavering professionalism that we offer all of our clients.