London Fashion Week 2017


It’s February – and that means that those at the height of British fashion are ready to display their latest and finest creations to the world. We are talking, of course, about the world-famous London Fashion Week that is happening between the 17th and 21st of February 2017.

The bi-annual event happens every February and September and is considered as one of the ‘Big Four’ fashion weeks – sitting alongside the vogue heavyweights of Paris, Milan and New York. The February collection is all about showcasing the hottest looks for the coming spring and summer seasons.

So who will be in town for the coming event?


Roger Saul’s worldwide brand, that has helped to define British fashion for many years, will be showcasing its contemporary, rebellious designs.

Today, the company’s south Kensington design studios are led by Johnny Coca who has helped to reinvent some of Mulberry’s iconic pieces, such as the Bayswater bag, so expect to see more redefined classics and bold, new creations.

Christopher Kane

For a decade now, Christopher Kane has played an emphatic part in resuscitating Britain’s high fashion scene. Since beginning his eponymous label in 2006, Kane has brought a distinct style to British fashion that is undeniably recognisable.

That recognition looks set to increase. In 2016, the brand launched its first online, worldwide flagship store to reach out to global customers. Expect to see more signature pieces at this year’s February show.

Vivienne Westwood

When anyone thinks of British fashion, the name of Vivienne Westwood is never far behind. Westwood defined a generation in the 1970s, alongside Malcolm McLaren, by bringing new wave and punk designs into mainstream culture.

Throughout the decades, Westwood’s fashion company has created thought-provoking creations – inspired in part by Westwood’s social and political activism – that continue to capture the attention of the world’s fashion elite.

Ones to watch

Undoubtedly the London Fashion week attracts a whole host of the country’s top designers, but who is the emerging talent to watch for this year?

Molly Goddard is an immensely popular fashion up-and-comer who has already secured a Topshop footwear collection and has managed to capture a legion of loyal fans in her short career thus far.

Faustine Steinmetz is another rising star in the British scene and she is not afraid to buck the trend with her intricately woven denim pieces proving to be a hit.

Getting there

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